Faith Saleh takes us on the most rewarding journey; The journey towards self-discovery.
20 October, 2021 by
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Many entrepreneurs, despite their success, suffer dissatisfaction with themselves. Many CEOs and business men and women feel detached from their true identities by the pressure of entrepreneurial life, which negatively affect their businesses and lives. 


As human beings, we need to fulfill our purpose in life and connect with our true selves. For that reason, one should take the time to discover his/her true self. Not all people actually know their true potential or have the ability to connect with their true selves, in fact, one of the hardest journeys one can take in life is the journey towards discovering them sellves. 


The Pain of Self-Alienation 

The burdens of daily life and work pressure sometimes detach us from our true selves, throwing us into a repeated cycle caused by the many responsibilities we have. We only identify with who we are through a predetermined framework imposed by society and work, leaving us alienated and sometimes depressed, which eventually affects our work and personal lives. But no matter how successful you are, you cannot maintain success unless you truly understand your self-purpose, capabilities, motivations and passions. 

Research has shown that successful people who are overwhelmed by their businesses miss out on the simple things that give them personal pleasure, leaving them empty and disconnected questioning if their lives are truly an expression of themselves, not of whom they are supposed to be. Thus, at some point in our life, we need to take a trip towards self-awareness. 


The Journey 

Luckily enough, nowadays we have the resources for self-development and self- awareness; from books, meditation, retreats, courses, workshops, life coaching and social media platforms. These methods lead to a rediscovery of self-purpose. It’s a long process and more than likely you will face some obstacles along the way, but it is how you overcome these obstacles that make the journey worthwhile. Connecting with your inner self means that you face your fears, which in many cases has been the main contributor to what has held you back.  The revelation occurs when you start to take responsibility for your actions, you no longer play the victim and you come to the realization that it is only you who can bring you true happiness from within.   


Reaching Self Awareness: 

Reaching self-awareness is when you realize that your psychological immunity plays a major role in the way you react to certain situations. Blaming your childhood, family dynamics, traumatic stress, your past and your present situation has no place in finding the best version of you and seeking true happiness within. As Neil Boortz once said, “The key to accepting responsibility for your life is to accept the fact that your choices, every one of them, are leading you inexorably to either success or failure, however you define those terms”.    


Reconciling with Yourself: 

By the time you reach self-awareness you probably would have released your suppressed emotions and that is ok. As long as you dust yourself off, get up and head into the world stronger and wiser. Now that you have the coping mechanisms to make rational choices that lead to your successyour energy should be directed to be the best version of you. Search for what you really like, what gives you happiness, and put it to practice, whether it is a long road trip, a new business that you have longed to start, a career shift, a place you have dreamed of visiting or a new passion to follow. 

Eventually, you become a better version, a transformed and more experienced wise and truthful person whose life is an expression of himself. You will still have some traces of pain within you, but after your self-revelation you will find the peace and power to embrace all those pains and carry on. 



PowAGroup Global - Plumbing, HVAC, Fire, Electrical Wholesale, Faith Saleh 20 October, 2021
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