Project Update | Boulevard @ Denman
Project Update
27 July, 2023 by
Project Update | Boulevard @ Denman
Teagan Rowe


Project Update | Boulevard @ Denman, ACT.

This $50 Million Project by Core Developments will deliver over 400 residential apartments across 3 Buildings in Denman Prospect.

One of our guys went onsite & got some pics of our SNAP Fire collars installed along with some shots of our pipe support systems, and much more.

It's great to team up with Cappello Hydraulics & Civil and many other companies for this awesome project!🔥

We're supplying direct to site, 2 x per day.👌

SNAP High Cast-in Stack Fire Collar 315mm:

The 315C is a:
 - Metal, cast-in fire collar.
 - For concrete slabs.
 - Approved for Stack applications only. 
 - For use with pipes of 315mm diameter

When you fix the correct fire collar base to the formwork on-site, your pipe penetration is located, complete with its passive fire protection. 

Avoids the need for core drilling the penetrations after the floor is poured and then retro fitting fire collars to the stack work.

Take note that fire collar compliance always depends on factors like FRL rating, the pipe material, and the application.

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Cast-In Stack Fire Collars:

In this image, the Low 100mm Stack Collars are used.
Cast-In Stackwork Fire Collars:
 - Reduce the labor costs of passive fire rating stack work pipe penetrations on concrete floors for multi-level sites.
 - Avoids core drilling the penetrations after the floor is poured and then retro fitting fire collars to the stack work.

Pipe Support Systems:

In this image, there are various products used to mount the pipes such as:

- Threaded Rod
- Mounting Plates
- PVC Welded Nut Clips

Puddle Flange x L100FWS Combo:

These Puddle flanges are used in conjunction with the Low Cast-In 100mm Floorwaste Fire Collars(L100FWS).

-Our floor waste collars provide passive fire resistance where floor waste penetrations are required in wet areas.

-The -L100FWS is a low-top, cast-in fire collar for concrete slabs 150mm or thicker. 

-It is also approved for Floor waste and Shower and Stack applications.


Pipe Sleeve:

-Easy and fast installation that can be readily cut onsite
-Excellent compression resistance
-Low moisture absorption
-Optimum wall thickness for application (nominal 6.5mm thick wall)
-Meets Green Building Council's low VOC
-Manufactured with recycled materials

Project Update | Boulevard @ Denman
Teagan Rowe 27 July, 2023
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