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Our aim is to help people get places so that they are in a position to achieve their goals in life. 

We strive to exceed expectations and give benefits to customers through positive, helpful, attitudes and personalised service. 

Doing business with us will be easy, fast, friendly and can even be fun. 

We’ll consistently deliver high quality, greener, innovative, compliant products and solutions, on time, with supporting  documentation and know how, so that our customers and their teams and our team too can get places in life.


To Be Recognised By the Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Industry and Its Consultants as their Most Trusted Source for the best combination of Innovation, Industry Knowledge, Product Support and Documentation, High Quality Products, Great Value and Unparalleled Service, supported by a Positive, Proactive Team.

PowAGroup Gives You Real Reasons to Succeed:

• Great Personal Service/Family Company 

• Fast Dispatch Twice a Day, Direct to Site 

• Wholesale – Buy Direct and Save • Project & Product Consultation 

• Specialist Advice, Know-how and Support 

• Innovative High Quality Products 

• Huge Range & Large Stocks 

• Full Certification & Tech Data Support 

• Eco Friendly & Green Approach 

• Operate through Quality Systems