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Warranty on products is determined by the manufacturer.

The main thing is you need to be operational as quickly as possible, but not jeopardise warranty claims etc.

If you have an issue or faulty product, you must contact us first by phone and get authorisation to return or replace item, before you send the original item back to us.

If it's a product that's been installed and in operation, phone us straight away, and take clear photos of failure in progress and / or photo of product in situation before removal, and wait for instructions from a project consultant at PowAGroup as to how to remove it so as not to void warranty or jeopardise ability to claim on insurance if deemed to be applicable.

We may need to get a representative to visit or send the item to the manufacturer and wait for their decision, however we can replace item initially at no charge, but may have to charge later if proved to be faulty installation or workmanship.